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We have all heard those wild stories about tree care. From old wives’ tales to intentionally misguided information – there is no shortage of tree care myths swirling in the minds of homeowners.

Obviously, with so much information, it is often impossible to separate fact from false. But after reading this guide, you can!

Tree Soldiers is a certified tree removal Depew, NY company, offering top-notch tree services – cutting, trimming, emergency tree removal, and stump grinding – all under one roof. We are here to bust out these myths and provide you with the facts.

Excited? Let’s get straight in!

Unveiling Common Tree Care Myths 

Here, we have highlighted some of the common tree care myths which you probably weren’t aware of:

Myth 1: Planting A Tree Deep Will Help The Roots Grow Deep

Rather, this is far from the truth. Planting a tree deep in the soil or mulch will starve the roots of oxygen – which will probably lead to the girdling roots ‘ death, and, in the worst case scenario, can also kill the whole plant.

Myth 2: More Water Means Healthier Trees 

The second myth that our arborist Depew NY often hears is that more water makes the trees healthy. While it is important to water new plant trees, but too much watering can suffocate the roots, which results in root rot -which ultimately kills the tree.

The amount of water your tree needs depends on the weather, soil conditions, and tree species.  At Tree Soldiers, we conduct comprehensive inspections to understand the water requirements of your plants.

Myth 3: Trees Are Self Sufficient 

Trees are strong, but that doesn’t mean that they are self-sufficient and can heal themselves. In reality, if trees do not receive proper hydration, they suffer from drought stress and shallow root growth. A lack of watering causes weaker roots, increasing drought, pest, and disease risks.

Also, trees don’t have the power self-mechanism power to heal themselves. They need pruning and trimming to get rid of the diseased branches and grow healthy. As a local tree removal Company Depew, we provide all types of tree cutting services and undertake efficient and safe tree removal Depew NY, without damaging your property.

Myth 4: All Insects are Bad For Trees 

Many homeowners in Depew think that any signs of insects are bad for the tree. But there are some pets and insects that can be truly helpful for your trees and can prevent the growth of harmful pests.

 These types of insects are known as Beneficial Insects in our tree care industry.

Myth 5: Trees Should Be Pruned Heavily To Encourage Growth 

Yes, tree-cutting services are necessary to boost the health and growth of your trees. However, too much pruning can stress the tree and lead to weak growth.

Also, you should follow proper tree pruning methods without compromising the structure of the tree. For that you should hire certified arborist Depew NY to undertake such crucial tasks.

Myth 6: Tree Topping Is Good For Trees

This is actually one of the worst things that you can do to your tree. This process stresses the tree and leads to a decline in its health, adversely affects its structure and makes it susceptible to infection.

Myth 7: The More The Mulch The Better 

Many homeowners in Depew are guilty of this. Yes, mulch offers a lot of benefits to your trees, but over mulching is not good. It can damage your greens, cause increased susceptibility to insects & diseases, girdling root systems, root rot,

Want to know more tree care myths to make sure you are not making them? Get in touch with expert tree removal Depew NY team today!

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