What is emergency tree removal?

If a tree is sick, dying, or already dead, it can pose a danger to you, your family, and anyone who comes near your property. When emergency tree removal is performed by a qualified arborist, the associated hazards can be eliminated quickly and efficiently.

But it’s important to know when to make the unavoidable emergency call to clear a tree.

What are the signs that I need an emergency tree removal service?

Abnormal tilt due to weather or natural causes.

All types of new slopes especially over walkways or structures must be inspected by an arborist. Experience has shown that trees tilting 15% from vertical require emergency services. However, it is best for a qualified arborist to make these decisions.

Weather often causes trees to tilt or branches to sway. Check if the property has been damaged by bad weather. Remove any loose limbs or branches that pose a threat. It is not always necessary to remove the entire tree.

If the roots are rotten or damaged

As the tree’s core structural support, it’s important that the tree’s root system is healthy. If you see signs of damage or rot, contact your arborist for an inspection. A weakened root system makes the tree prone to overturning in strong winds.

Fungi, including mushrooms, growing at the base of a tree can be a sign of root disease or internal rot that is weakening the tree’s core. An arborist is best suited to verify the qualification of your tree system and advise if it needs removal or trimming.

Diseased or dying trees too close to power lines. 

Weather and tree growth can reduce distance from power lines, causing damage to power lines or property. We recommend calling in a qualified arborist to eliminate these risks. They are trained to prune and remove trees safely.

Dead boughs

Large dead branches should be removed quickly. Strong winds can blow people or property away. This situation becomes even more dangerous when all the dead branches are off to one side and the whole tree is out of balance.

If the trunk is empty or damaged

Other telltale signs of a tree needing removal are hollow trunks or cracks and holes in the trunk. Remember that even a tree that looks fine on the outside can be damaged on the inside. It is best to have your tree’s health regularly assessed by a qualified arborist for hidden problems. Catching and treating tree rot early will always yield the best results and increase the tree’s chances of survival. Prevention is better than cure.

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