Tree Trimming Services

You may think that trimming trees is counterproductive but it is an essential part of tree care. Picture it as a haircut for your trees – you’re cutting away the damaged ends, creating an aesthetic, and gifting your trees a healthy base to grow.

We’ve more reasons to convince you to hire the best tree trimming company Buffalo NY for your precious trees. Scroll down!

Why Should You Look To Hire Professional Trimmers?

# Reason 1 – It Promotes Growth

Tree trimming promotes new growth. When you cut away the struggling branches, trees can dedicate more resources (nutrients and water) to other parts of it.

The more you trim, the lusher the trees grow. But don’t take the trimming too far to damage the healthy growth.

# Reason 2 – It Treats Diseases

Just like humans, trees can get sick too. And most of the time, tree trimming is the best way to treat them, especially if it’s a fungal infection.

Take for instance – powdery mildew, the fungal tree disease. Once it attacks a tree, it spreads quickly to other nearby trees too. In this scenario, trimming the infested trees becomes the best course of action.

# Reason 3 – It Encourages Fruit Production

Dead tree branches provide a haven for tree pests and diseases.  Lopping off the expired bits encourages the growth of new spurts – the tree part that produces fruit. More spurs mean more fruits. So, say hello to a bountiful harvest with regular tree trimming.

# Reason 4 – It Prevents Hazards

Diseased and damaged trees pose a safety risk to lives and property. The dead branches easily fall off during high winds. 

But the risk doesn’t come only with bad weather. A tree full of dead branches can fall off just any minute causing huge catastrophic damage. Tree trimming cuts off such frail limbs and ensures that the tree is healthy from top to bottom.

# Reason 5 – It Shapes Trees

Tree trimming not only keeps trees healthy but enhances their aesthetic appeal too. It gives trees a decorative element that is not typically found in nature.

We often see this on the pollarding and topiary method of professional tree-cutting services. Pollarding is a tree trimming method that reduces trees’ height and promotes the growth of dense foliage. And the topiary method gives trees an ornamental shape (for instance, spherical boxwoods).

# Reason 6 –It Gives Trees Better Exposure To Sunlight

The tree leaves need an ample amount of sunlight for photosynthesis. If the higher branches of trees block away from the leaves from the sun, there will be no photosynthesis.

So, trimming away unnecessary branches enables the leaves to get more sunlight, hence increasing the amount of photosynthesis. In the long run, this will help improve the overall health of trees.

# Reason 7 – It Boosts Property’s Value

Untrimmed trees give properties shabby and dingy vibes. As a result, the entire property loses its appearance value. You can easily stop that from happening by trimming trees regularly.

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