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For anyone harboring unremoved stumps in their backyard knows what a headache it can prove to be! The task of stump grinding is extensively laborious, and doing it without proper tools is no less than moving a mountain. But Tree Soldiers can help you with stump grinding services at a reasonable cost.

Sometimes, stump grinding or tree stump removal becomes impossible, even with the latest advanced technologies like a heavy-duty grinder. This is due to the location and size of the tree stump. Then along with calling a professional stump removal service, we also need to look for alternative means. 

Why Do We Need to Find Alternative Ways for Tree Stump Removal?

Stump grinding is a hard task to complete. But often, the sheer size of the tree stump and sometimes its location doesn’t allow access to the stump grinder to do its job. This is where we need to deploy various other methods of stump grinding. 

Common alternative methods include chemical reduction, fire reduction, and manual removal. We will discuss these alternative ways of professional stump removal in the following.

Chemical Reduction for Stump Removal

The chemical reduction process for tree stump removal can be done in three steps.

Step 1: After chopping off and grinding the tree as much as possible with a saw, you need to drill some holes in the tree stump, put nitrogen-enriched fertilizers, and water the surroundings, adding a plastic trap to capture the moisture.

Step 2: After some time, add organic mulch over the trap and keep them wet. To get faster results, you need to keep the mulch moist as it can keep the trap in place and make the chemical reduction process faster.

Step 3: After you are done with mulching, all you can do is wait and watch. The whole process is natural, and you are just speeding up mother nature’s rotting process by applying fertilizers and mulches. 

Depending on the size of the tree stump, this process can take a lot of time. Therefore, if you are in a hurry, you should avoid this process. For stump grinding services, you can always count on Tree Soldiers. 

Fire Reduction

You need to dig holes in the tree stump for fire reduction, just like the chemical reduction process. Then you need to put stump grinding chemicals in the holes. After that, soak the entire tree stump in kerosine and light a match.

You will burn the entire tree stump out. 

You need to be extremely careful with your property and local guidelines for the fire reduction method. In many towns in the USA, local laws don’t allow you to burn things like tree stumps in your backyard. Therefore to ensure safe and hassle-free stump grinding services, always trust Tree Soldiers. 

Manual Process

If your tree stump is reasonably small or medium in size. In that case, you can remove it manually from the ground without heavy machinery. 

You can start by digging and exposing its root system and then pull the entire thing out of the ground using your muscle strength. But you need to be extremely careful and use a safety vest, helmet, and hard boots to avoid any mishap and injury.

At Tree Soldiers, we offer manual and mechanical stump removal services. 

Before You Go!

In recent times, Tree Soldiers have been recognized as one of the best stump grinding services in Buffalo, New York. Our professionals always took tree removal and stump grinding safety and security as their highest priority. If you need any stump grinding services, reach us anytime!  

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