Tree Removal Service

Trees are one of the finest elements of a good-looking property. Slowly, as they grow taller, people begin to spend more of their time under their soothing and relaxing shade – and some even begin to treat them as part of their family.

Nevertheless, what will you do if they start to look weak and feel like they may fall at any moment and hurt your family or damage your house? 

If you suspect any of the above situations, the best thing you can do is call an expert tree removal service like ours, and we ensure to provide the best tree removal service in Buffalo NY. Having helped hundreds of homeowners, we understand that you won’t want to remove your precious tree unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Well, here are some signs that can help you identify if the tree needs to be removed or not.

5 warning signs that it’s time to remove the tree

  • Fungus 

If you notice a rapid growth of fungus around the trunk of the tree, it’s a sign that the tree is slowly dying. While many healthy trees could be covered with moss, fungus means the tree is struggling to stay alive.

  • Roots on the Surface

When suddenly there are lots of tree roots coming out at the surface, that’s a sign that the tree is finding it difficult to absorb the nutrients it needs. These surface roots are more vulnerable to being damaged by weather, animals, and humans. 

If you have just noticed the growth and there are not a lot of roots, then there’s a hope that the tree can be saved. But for that, you need to contact a professional tree expert before it’s too late.

  • Loss of Branches

Whenever a tree struggles to remain healthy, it will start to shed large branches. By shedding out long and large branches, it’s trying to redirect the energy to other parts that need nutrients.

This can be really dangerous for the people and kids who live there and can also cause immense damage to the property.

If you find any large branches fallen off on the ground, immediately call a tree removal service to inspect, they will let you know whether the tree needs to be removed or not.

  • Dying Trunk

The trunk of the tree is an excellent indicator of its overall health. In case you see bark falling off from the trunk, the underneath layer has gone brown and dry, or it sounds hollow when you knock on it, your tree could be dying rapidly. A weak trunk won’t be able to hold the weight of the tree, and the tree will fall without any control.

So it’s better that you don’t wait for the disaster to happen and call an expert when you notice early signs of bad health.

  • Leaves

When the tree’s health declines, the leaves will let you know. Unhealthy and stressed trees typically have way fewer leaves compared to the rest in your outdoors, and their leaf color will be dull brown. If the tree didn’t shed its leaves during autumn, it’s also a sign something is seriously wrong.


If you call Tree Soldiers, our tree experts will try their best so that you won’t have to remove your precious trees at all. 

But if it’s the only option, you will be getting the best tree removal service in the town. So, don’t worry and just give us a call, and your trees will be taken care of.

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