Spring is the season of renewal and growth – however, it is also the season of unexpected weather events like storms and hurricanes. These unforeseen events can cause complete havoc to your property,  damage trees, and ruin the surrounding areas.

As a professional emergency tree cutting service West Seneca, NY, it is our duty to help you prepare for such situations- to ensure that your trees and property are protected from such devastating damage.

Here are tips to prepare yourself for the unpredictable weather of this season.

Guide For Preparing For A Bad Strom In Spring 

Whether you have a large or a small tree in West Senace, you should be prepared before disaster strikes. Here are 7 valuable tips to help you with it:

  • Conduct a Pre-Storm Inspection 

If you’re expecting a thunderstorm or a hurricane, your first step is to inspect the tree and look for insects or termites that may be living in or under the bark of the tree. They can weaken the structural integrity of your trees.

Anytime you witness such signs, call for a professional tree cutting service West Seneca, NY like Tree Soldiers, to get it addressed right away.

2. Trim Low Hanging Branches

If you have any hanging, loose branches near property lines, it is good to get them removed with the help of arborists beforeany emergency hits. Pruning, raising canopies, and removing dead or hazardous limbs will ensure the safety of your property and, at the same time, will improve its aesthetics.

3. Secure Loose Items 

Even the smallest objects can become projectiles when there is heavy wind or rain. Safeguard loose outdoor items, such as tools and furniture, that may threaten the structure of your house or nearby structures. This simple action will protect your home from any storm damage.

4. Remove Dead Limbs 

The dead branches on trees can also break during storms – just as loose furniture may cause walls to collapse or windows to be smashed. Before a storm, hire an emergency arborist West Seneca, and remove any dead branches to prevent them from falling on people and cars below.

5. Don’t Miss Out on Landscaping

Hire a tree cutting company and trim away all hedges and smaller trees because they can also be affected by storms.

6. Water Trees Regularly 

Watering the trees during dry seasons will help the tree become strong and prevent drought stress, which weakens the root system of the trees. But when trees stay strong, they become prone to storm damage.

7. Avoid Lion-Tailimng Trees

You will understand the term lion-tailing if you have removed small branches from large ones, leaving only a tiny tuft at their ends. Overlifting (removing too many lower branches) and lion’s tailing are both techniques that weaken trees and make them more susceptible to storm damage. Tree Soldiers provides 24/7 tree cutting West Seneca service – where you can get your tree issues resolved at any time of the day.

Get Urgent Tree Removal West Seneca with Tree Soldiers 

As you prepare for the challenge, partner with an emergency tree cutting service West Seneca, and get emergency assistance and helpful advice for storm tree care. At Tree Soldiers, our tree service includes exceptional storm control along with tree trimming, pruning, removal, and stump grinding services.

Get in touch with certified arborists of KD Tree and learn how to prepare for storm damage!

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