Tree Trimming

All set to trim your tree with a pruning saw?

But wait there, mate!

Which branch should you prune? Is it the best time to prune? What if you remove too many branches?

Confused enough?

Tree Soldiers, the best tree trimming service in Buffalo will guide you along. Our skilled arborists have the answer to all pruning questions.

So, for the time being, put down the saw and get ready for some learning!

When Is The Best Time To Prune Trees In Buffalo?

The best tree trimming company Buffalo NY prunes trees in late fall and early winter.

Trees usually shed their leaves out in late fall. The bare branches make it perfect for you to see the tree structure. And early winters make the best time to prune deciduous trees.

Never prune trees during “maple sugar time”. That is from January till early March.

Beetles that prey oak trees stay active from late spring till midsummer. If your garden has oak wilt, then put off the pruning work during this period.

The best tree trimming services near me advise on pruning diseased branches as soon as you notice them. Putting off the pruning process can cause further damage and infection.

How do the best tree trimming service in Buffalo prune diseased branches – Dipping the pruning blade in a 10% bleach solution between each cut.

Steps To Pruning Large Branches

Step 1: Make a shallow cut on the underside of the branch (about 3-5 inches from the trunk)

Step 2: Then, they cut the branch off about 2-3 inches from the initial cut. In this way, the initial cut keeps the bark from peeling off.

Step 3: Next, they aim for the final cut and remove the remaining stub. This cut should be made just outside the branch collar.

Pruning Challenges And Ways To Handle Them

Pruning trees is not easy! You will come across many pruning challenges during the process.

Here, we have listed down the most common pruning challenges that you may encounter. Also, look out for how Tree Soldiers, the best tree trimming service in Buffalo deals with them –

  • V-shape branching

If your trees have narrow, V-shaped junctures, then, you have got a natural pruning challenge at hand. The V-shaped branch arrangement weakens the tree structure.

How to deal with them?

Deal away with V-shaped branches by removing one of its stems while the tree is young and growing.

  • Suckering trees

Some trees send up new shoots from the ground to survive better. Such fast-growing stems weaken the tree with time – making pruning challenging.

How to deal with them?

If you’re new to pruning, it’s advisable to stay away from suckering trees. Hire adept gardeners of Tree Soldiers to help you find and get rid of them from your yard.

  • Clustered branches

Trees with clustered branches frail them and halt the development of large branches. It makes it difficult to prune the right branches.

How to deal with them?

Remove clustered branches growing laterally. Let the healthy branches get proper sunlight and air circulation.

Leave The Tricky Pruning Job To The Best Tree Trimming Service in Buffalo – Tree Soldiers

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Let our expert arborists work their best to keep your trees healthy and bountiful. Connect to your free quotation today!

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