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Stump grinding: Terminating Termites- Termites are painfully complicated creatures. They are tiny, and they eat wood. That wood can be anything – fallen branches, trees, wooden furniture, or structure.

Even though termites are highly common in the US, many home insurance policies fail to cover termite damage. So, knowing that there is a huge possibility that you have to foot the bill of termite infestations, it is wise to catch the problem early before they take over your peace.

NOTE: Unremoved stumps are a breeding juncture for termites. Stump grinding is necessary to deal with these creepy insects on time. 

The longer you let the termites harbor in your garden, the more havoc they will create.

Signs Your Garden Is Infested With Termites

Fortunately, there are ample signs that can warn you about the presence of these tiny critters. It is quintessential you know all these signs and keeps a wary eye on them. 

Discarded Wings

The easiest sign of a potential termite infestation is “flying termites” and “discarded wings.” These flying termites are males that leave their nests to search for a mate. 

The good news – if they are still on the go, and are shedding their wings, chances are they haven’t found their mate yet – and you still have some time to safeguard your garden from them. 

But the bad news is – there is undoubtedly a termite nest nearby. And the mate they are looking for may be right there in your yard! And you must destroy the nest before they infest your property. 

Mud Tubes

The subterranean termites create “mud tubes” to keep themselves protected. These should be in and around your yard and are easily visible to the naked eye. 

Spot one? Time to dial to Tree Removal stump grinding services.


Termites are loud eaters. Also, their soldiers make up a lot of noise if they think their colony is under threat. 

So, the next time you doubt your tree being termite-infested, put your ear near it. There is a high chance you will hear them munching away.

Tree Stumps Are The Perfect Shelter For Termites

Termites weigh various factors for choosing their perfect home. And the most favorite among them – moisture and accessibility. A tree stump presents both of these things – making it the ideal home for termites. 

Of course, the tree stump may be in your yard at a good distance from your home. But termites have a tendency to venture all around the nearby surroundings. They look around, seeking a better shelter. 

And if they could end up in your yard, they could end up spreading up to your house too. 

Do you want to wake up in the morning and find a colony of creepy termites crawling around in your living room?

Naturally, no! 

Needless to say, the presence of termites doesn’t seem pleasant for anyone.

So, hiring Tree Soldiers – the best stump grinding Buffalo NY is your wise call.

Stop Termites From Stepping Into Your Property

As we have seen, tree stumps are incredibly appealing to termites. Also, unremoved tree stumps rarely serve any purpose. So, removing them is the perfect way to keep termites at bay. 

Tree Soldiers’ professional team can grind any tree stump down without any hassle. We use cutting-edge stump grinders to grind the stump down- without disturbing the surrounding vegetation. Also, our stump grinding services are affordable.

So, book the stump grinding services of Tree Soldiers and stop the termites from creeping your yard out.

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