Stump Grinding

Best Stump Grinding: You may be looking to remove an old or diseased tree from your property – and you decided to undertake the process yourself. First, you’ll cut the tree down to the ground. Then, the time will come to decide either to grind the stump or remove it completely. So which way shall you go?

If you have no idea, we have provided an in-depth knowledge of both processes to help you make an informed choice.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding grinds down the stump to a desirable height but it doesn’t completely remove the stump.

How does it work?
The best stump grinding Buffalo NY company begins by cutting down the stump to the ground. Professionals use a chainsaw or any other cutting equipment to do that.

Once it is done, the stump grinder will cut the remaining portion of the stump. The stump is ground to a desirable height. All the left-behind wood shavings are raked into the soil to level it down. 

Safety concerns

Note of caution – If you’re grinding down an infested or diseased tree stump, dispose of the wood chips immediately. That’s because infectious wood shavings can cause harm to nearby healthy plants or grass.


Efficient and quick
More economical


🚫Possibility of tree growing back
🚫Infecting wood shavings can infect other plants

Stump removal

Stump removal is the complete elimination of tree stumps, unlike stump grinding.

How does it work?

Stump removal is a far more invasive process than stump grinding. It requires much longer time and more manpower.

The process starts with digging the area around the stump. This is done either manually or with some cutting-edge equipment to expose the roots of the tree.

Once the tree roots are visible, the actual stump removal task can begin. How lengthy or physically demanding the process will be will depend on the age of the tree, the hardness of the soil, and the depth of roots.

Some heavy stump removal equipment may be used to efficiently remove the stump. Or else, chemicals or burning also work in the stump removal process.

Use and disposal of debris

With stump removal, know that there will be a huge pile of mess and a large stump that you’ll need to dispose of. Once the stump removal process begins, a large portion of dirt will be a common scene. Make sure to save this pile to fill in the hole after the stump is gone. After the stump is gone completely, you can refill the area with the dugout. 

As for the stump, you’ll have tons of options. You could cut it into small pieces and use it for firewood. Or else, grind it and use it as mulch for your flower beds.


The whole stump is gone
No chance of regrowth


🚫Requires use of heavy equipment
🚫Labor intensive and time-consuming
🚫Needs to dispose of the stump

Stump grinding
Stump removal
Leaves some of the stumps Removes entire stump
Minimal labor  Labor intensive
No stump to dispose of There is a stump to dispose
Less time Time-consuming

Choosing between stump removal and stump grinding depends on several factors. If you want to seek professional help in making the right choice, give a call to Tree Soldiers. Our experts can help you weigh the pros and cons depending on the size of your stump. 

Hire us and make the smartest choice!

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