From proper cooling to mulching, here are some tips to protect your trees during the hot summer months.

Add a new mulch layer

Spring is an ideal time to put fresh mulch on trees and plants. But if you haven’t figured it out by then, be sure to check it out in the summer. Or, if you added mulch in the spring, the warmer months could be a good time to do a quick check and add supplements where needed. It is important to make sure that the mulch layer is not too thick. It should be sufficient to prevent the infestation of pests or germs. A good layer height is 5-10 cm.

Mulching has several benefits. Reduces weed growth so trees don’t have to fight for nutrients. It also helps stabilize soil temperature and, most importantly, helps retain moisture in the summer.

Water the tree

Water is essential for trees or any plant to thrive. Watering the tree is essential during the hot months, especially during the dry months. Saplings or newly planted trees are the ones that benefit the most from this activity. When watering your tree, a deeper and less frequent watering perhaps once a week will suffice.

Inspect trees and tree trunks often

Drooping trees and wilting or yellowing leaves are signs that the tree is not coping well with the heat and needs special attention. This is especially true for young trees.

Not related to summer, but check out the tree trunks. Especially if you are rooted in well-trodden paths. In particular, it is recommended to erect some kind of barrier on such trees to protect them from further damage by animals.


Make sure your tree gets enough nutrients to support growth and fight off pests and diseases while enduring the stress of the hot summer sun. Trees grown in urban environments, including new developments, benefit from additional fertilizer.

Aerating the soil by drilling holes regularly improves the absorption of fertilizers and increases air and water flow.

Pruning trees

Tree pruning is best done during the dormant period. Summer is not suitable for active pruning of trees. However, if you find dead, diseased or damaged branches in any season, you should prune them as soon as possible for safety reasons.

If your tree needs pruning, get help from a professional arborist. Our team is knowledgeable, well- equipped and insured to get the job done. Our arborists can also provide helpful guidelines on the safety of large trees and make sure they are strong enough to withstand summer storms.

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