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Summer Tree Tips For A Healthy Blooming Season

Chilling in the backyard on a warm, sunny day is a delight. Lush grass and lively trees set the stage for such perfect home outings. 

However, there is a task that you need to do before relaxing. Prepare your trees for the summer with the best tree removal service in Buffalo NY. Or else you won’t be able to enjoy the summer outings much. 

There are a few essential summer tree service tips to keep your green assets bountiful. And we, the Tree Soldiers team, can assist you in implementing these summer tree care steps effectively. Now, let’s look at some of these tree care tasks for a thriving summer growth!

Tips To Care For Trees In Summer 

Adding Mulch To Trees

Mulch is the organic material the tree removal service spreads under plants. It protects and nurtures roots. This mulching also works miraculously in shielding trees from heat. 

Spread mulch around the base to a depth of 2-4 inches. This will stop excessive dehydration of the tree soil during drought times. Additionally, it will retain moisture, and protect the roots from excess temperatures.

Make sure to apply the mulch in the correct amount. Or else it would retain too much moisture. This in turn can create a breeding spot for pests, diseases, and wood decay. 

Consistent Watering Is Must For Summers

The watering task seems confusing to most people. Because it seems like nature provides adequate water for resilient trees to survive the summers. 

But in reality, trees need some additional watering too. Experts at tree removal service suggest that apart from relying on rain to do its work, we must. Here is how you should water trees based on their age:

For new trees: Water the tree immediately after planting and continue to keep the soil moist. Watering the newbie deep will let its roots grow deeper too. During hot and dry conditions, water at least 3 times a week.

For trees two years old or less: Ask the tree removal service to water the tree for roughly 20-30 seconds with a hose. The aim is to keep the tree soil moist but not soggy. 

For three years old and up: By now, the tree has successfully taken its root. So, watering them shouldn’t be much of a concern now. Still make sure to do so once in a while. 

Trim Trees Only When Necessary

Trimming is best done when your trees stay dormant. But you can trim the trees in summer too. 

Usually, professional tree removal services do summer trimming for corrective reasons. They trim away certain limbs that are sapping energy away from the healthy parts of the tree. Also, they cut diseased branches hanging, preventing the spread of the infections to the rest of the canopy.

Check Regularly For Pests

Your tree might look healthy and robust in summer. But in reality, they might be attracting pests. The effects of this pest infestation on your tree might not be shown until it’s too late. 

So, ask the tree removal service to closely inspect your trees every week or so. They will look out for signs of wounds in the bark, dripping sap, or diseased branches. 

These could be signs of larval infestation. This might be disrupting the uptake of water throughout your tree’s system.

Partner With Tree Soldiers For Summer Tree Care

Hire the expert tree arborist of Tree Soldiers to maintain the beauty of your trees in summer. Our certified professionals start the tree care process by examining the current health of your trees. Based on the findings, we recommend the steps to keep your trees healthy and attractive all through the season.

Call us at (716) 320-7799 in your own time!

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