Hat rack pruning, also known as tree topping, is the most harmful tree pruning technique. it will kill the tree. Hatchet pruning is a method of cutting the side branches of a tree to random lengths, destroying the tree’s appearance and leaving a stump that will eventually begin to rot. This treetop decorating technique is a sure way to kill trees long before they have reached the end of their natural life cycle.

The dangers of tree toppings

Climbing to the top of the tree, it creates a large, open wound, exposing it to the outside environment, pests, and decay. Branches are doomed to die slowly, rot, consume from the inside, break and fall, damaging everything in their path. As more and more branches rot and break, the tree eventually dies. And when the leaf surface is drastically reduced, the tree’s root system is damaged, making it more prone to uprooting.

Trees on top can reduce property values, increase liability, and cause insurance problems. You should always seek the opinion of a professional, certified arborist before allowing someone or a company to trim your tree. And avoid companies that promote toppings!!! Don’t stress about discounts. “You get what you pay for”.

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