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We all know how vital trees are to our environment. But sometimes, to preserve the health and outlook of trees, they need to be removed (or chopped off). 

Although, hiring a professional tree removal service is the best option for removing diseased and undesired trees from your yard. But some think they don’t need to invest in any professional tree care service and undertake the complex job themselves. 

To help these people protect themselves and their property, Tree Soldiers have come forward with some safety tips that every homeowner trying DIY tree removal should keep in mind. Scroll down and know the essential tips shared by the best tree removal service in Buffalo NY.

Important Safety Tips For DIY Tree Removal

Get The Right Removal and Safety Gear

Regardless of the size of the tree, you want to remove, you use proper equipment and safety gear. Get a pair of work boots, one hard hat, durable goggles, and heavy gloves to protect yourself from flying debris, deadly falls, stings, bites, and even electrocution.

If you are planning to work with a chainsaw, make sure you get some kevlar-made safety chaps. These chaps will stop the blade immediately if you accidentally drop the bar.

Check The Power Lines

Before you hop on a tree, check whether it lies near a power line or not. Most power lines are energized, and even if you touch a branch in contact with a live wire, you’ll suffer fatal injuries. 

If the tree you’re planning to remove is within 10ft of the power lines, contact an expert tree removal service like Tree Soldiers to take care of the tree. Our professionals know how to shield the power lines with caution to safely remove a tree.

Stay on Solid Ground

Unless you are some tree expert, it’s safe for you to keep both your feet on the ground. The higher you climb, the more dangerous the job will be. For an untrained person on a ladder, pruning big trees is nothing but harm to himself and the surroundings.

Thus, if the tree is large and big, calling Tree Soldiers would be a safer alternative than proving yourself that you are good at pruning.

Ensure Other People’s Safety 

Carefully examine the area and estimate the “falling zone’ of tree branches. Mark the area and make sure your family members, pets, neighbors, or passing pedestrians stay away from the boundaries.

You can use the ax handle trick to get a better estimate of the falling area. Just hold the ax handle at arm’s length, close an eye and move towards the tree till the top of the ax touches the treetop, and the bottom is even with the base of the tree. Make the perimeter a little wider than where your feet are, and you’ll have a reasonable estimate of the “falling zone.”

Take Some Help
It’s always better to have a couple of helping hands by your side. Have a trustable person stand some feet away and monitor the process. They can help you identify where the branches are falling and, in case of an emergency, can help you immediately.
Educate Yourself 

The most important thing is to know about the equipment, trees, surroundings, and the weather. Learn how to use a chainsaw, cut down branches in an organized manner, inspect tree limbs, and most essentially, what to do in case of an accident. The less you know, the higher are the chances that your DIY tree removal project will be a disaster.


Removing a tree isn’t as easy as swinging chainsaw blades on tree branches. If you understand the risk and still want to do it yourself, then good luck from us.

For the rest, just hire a tree removal service and keep yourself. You’ll save way more money than what you’ll pay in medical expenses, especially if you hire Tree Soldiers. Connect to get your free estimate today!

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