Do you have questions about pruning or trimming trees? Here are the answers to your key questions.

Tree pruning and tree trimming – what’s the difference?

Although these two services may look identical, there are some key differences between tree pruning and tree trimming.

Trimming is the process of trimming the growth of a tree. That way you can take care of your tree so it grows healthier and doesn’t grow out of control. Tree trimming may include shortening the crown, lifting the crown, and thinning the crown. All of these are thought to enhance the natural growth of plants.

Tree pruning is not just about caring for trees. This is essentially giving your plants a complete manicure package. You may need to remove dangerous or obstructive branches, and sometimes you may need to cut some of the tree’s roots. Removing dead, damaged or diseased branches can also be part of the tree pruning process.

When is the best time to trim and prune trees?

You can prune any time of the year if there are damaged or diseased branches that need to be removed. In fact, the sooner the better. However, for maintenance purposes, it is recommended to avoid trimming immediately after early spring growth. Doing so can eventually hinder plant growth. Every tree has a different pruning cycle. A good time to prune is when the tree is dormant in growth.

A qualified arborist will help you understand when is the best time to trim the trees on your site.

Who is responsible for cutting down trees?

Responsibilities to trim trees vary from city to city and depend on the location of the tree in relation to your property. Ask your local council for responsibilities and rules for pruning or cutting trees.

Can I prune or trim trees near power lines myself?

You should not attempt to prune trees that grow within 4m of power lines. Only qualified arborists with the right equipment, experience and insurance should work around energized power lines.

Who should I contact if I find a tree near my house or near power lines?

Call your utility or local council. They will guide you through the process of assessing your tree and contacting an arborist who advises you on next steps.

If I have a guard tree on or near my property, can I prune or trim it?

Every council has its own laws regarding the pruning or trimming of protected trees. Pruning or trimming is permitted if a qualified arborist has evaluated the protected tree and determined it poses a threat to property or people. Depending on the complexity of the job, the services of a professional arborist are highly recommended while working on the protected trees. 

When is tree removal recommended?

In some cases, tree removal may be better than tree pruning. Some reasons to remove a tree are if it has disease, grows at a dangerous angle and threatens people or property, is not thriving or is too shady and affects the growth of surrounding plants.

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