The Best Trees for Your New York Garden

New York is famous for its gardens and parks and is often referred to as New York’s Garden City. It’s no surprise that New York residents are taking their gardens seriously, and choosing the right trees is an important part of creating a beautiful and functional garden. In this blog, we discuss the best trees […]

New York’s Green Space Preservation: Sustainable Tree Removal Solutions

As New York continues to prosper and grow, preserving green spaces and urban forests has become even more important. Tree removal may be necessary for safety, development or environmental reasons, but it should always be approached with sustainability in mind. This blog by Tree Soldiers will explore sustainable tree removal solutions to ensure New York’s […]

Need to remove a branch from a tree? Understanding the pros and cons

Branches can sometimes become a nuisance or pose a safety hazard, which leaves many homeowners wondering if they should remove them from their trees. Although there are many advantages to removing branches, there are also some disadvantages to consider. In this blog, we’ll look at the pros and cons of removing branches from trees and […]

Spring Gardening: Tips and Tasks

If you’ve already started or are still planning your spring gardening, read our checklist of tasks and tips. Take a look at your backyard Spring gardening should begin by assessing the damage caused by the cold and often stormy winter weather. While inspecting your vegetable garden, flower beds and landscaping, remember to pay special attention […]